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PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 4:08 am    Post subject: Upcoming Events

After the concert is before the concert they say. So do not worry, even if the Festival of the White Lady is over already.

Next concert will be the Shirefest at the Crickhollow server. Three days full of amazing bands from all over the music community in LotRO! Come and dance, you will find the festival near Scary in the Shire. The Remediators play at Saturday June 25th, 3pm /servertime (EDT). All details as usual at

And we are on the road to Weatherstock! The following two weekends are dedicated to the WCS, the Weatherstock Concert Series of all bands competing for a slot at the Weatherstock final. The Remediators play at Sunday July 10th, 2pm /servertime at the Bree Festival Stage (Landroval). Please come and support us!

The Weatherstock final will be at July 23rd, at the Weathertop summit in the Lonelands, starting around noon. Who knows, maybe we are lucky and get a slot there again?


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