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PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2016 3:19 am    Post subject: Next gigs coming up!

The Remediators are busy rehearsing for the next shows coming up - all for you to enjoy!

First is the Spring Racing Carnival. Saturday, May 14 at the Hobnanigans fields near the Bree Festival  Grounds.
This event will go on all day; the Remediators play during the final Eriador Championship Cup at 5pm, followed by the closing concert around 6pm.

One week later we have our own concert: Great Moments in Gaming Music. Saturday, May 21 at 4pm at the Prancing Pony Stage in Bree.
From all time favourites to hidden gems we span roughly three decades of gaming. Come and discover the great songs and music in computer games!

We do not take a long break - only one day later we are proud to be invited to the Forest of OAKS!  Sunday, May 22 on Laurelin, Oldfurlong, Shire Homesteads.
The Remediators return to Laurelin to join all the other bands who have played the OAKS concert series over the last year. This big concert starts at noon, the Remediators are scheduled for 2:30pm. Music all day long!

We hope to see and entertain you!

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